Five Types of Pizza You Might Encounter in Rochester NY

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Pizza rochester

Pizza has been around for several centuries, originating in Italy among the poor, whom would eat tomatoes atop their flat bread. It has since grown into a global food phenomenon, and there are multiple types of pizza the average connoisseur can partake in. Many people are interested in knowing what their options are for Rochester pizza. Here are several popular types of pizza you are likely to encounter in the city.

First, New York style pizza. This is a pretty classic style that is fairly well known to pizza Rochester, given its relative proximity to the big city. A large diameter pie is used for this pizza so that the slices are large and wide. The crust should be thin and crisp, with a light layer of sauce and greasy cheese. Layering should be minimal. This is often regarded as the true American style pizza.

Second, pizza Rochester would not be complete without a look at pizza Margarita. This is a more traditional type of pizza that has strong origins in Italy. This pizza should have a thicker crust than the New York, and ideally, fresh ingredients only. San Marzano italian tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves top this dish, which causes it to look like the Italian flag.

Third, Chicago deep dish does not fare as popular among pizza rochester ny, but it is certainly one of my favorites, and is ideal for people who appreciate the toppings. The deep dish almost resembles a lasagna pizza in its shape, and is heavy on the sauce, which is sweeter, and the cheese, who is gooey.

Fourth, gourmet Rochester NY pizza has been making the rounds at several local restaurants. California gets most of the credit for this pizza style, but it basically is a pizza that prides itself on having exotic and often expensive ingredients. Things like goat cheese and peanut sauce can make routine appearances on this pizza.

Fifth, a pizza rochester list would not be complete without a mention of the pizza cousin, the calzone. Calzones are basically what would happen if you took an entire pizza pie and folded it over, then shrunk it a bit. Calzones are very cheesy and dense and often consumed with a side of marinara sauce, as well.