Rochester Pizza Places

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Rochester pizza

If you are looking for pizza Rochester NY has dozens of pizza places to choose from. Almost every corner in the city has a local pizza place on it. Included in these Rochester pizza places are the normal chain pizza places, such as Pizza Hut and Cam’s Pizza, but there are a number of local Rochester ny pizza places. To list all of the pizza Rochester has to offer would take a lot more space than I’m allowed. Not only are there a lot of local pizza joints within the city limits, there are a large number of pizza rochester‘s suburbs offer to their residents. Spencerport alone has six pizza places within a 5 mile radius of the town center. A lot of pizza places in Rochester have franchised throughout the Greater Rochester Area, with Salvatore’s having the most success.

Some would say that the success of pizza places in the Greater Rochester Area is due to a large Italian American population, and that may be a contributing factor. If you ask any Rochesterian, they will tell you which pizza place is their favorite and why. Each pizza place has their own unique specialty, whether it is buffalo chicken pizza, chicken wings, margherita pizza, or calzones, and the majority of these businesses have been in Rochester for two or more generations. An example of this is Two Ton Tony’s, a recent pizza restaurant. While Two Ton Tony’s goes under a different name, it is a resurgence of Proietti’s Pizza by a member of the Proietti family, which served the Rochester area in the mid to late 1900s. Two Ton Tony’s uses the same dough recipe, but puts a twist on the family tradition by coming up with new and inventive menu items! Their big selling point is their giant slices, which measure 13 inches long! Customer loyalty is a huge reason for the variety of pizza places in Rochester. Not only this, but many of the restaurants specializing in pizza Rochester offers give back to the community in the way of scholarships, giveaways, fundraising opportunities, and more.