See Rochester History

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Hotel rochester ny

While there may be a new Rochester NY hotel in town, the concept of one is not something new or unheard of. Guest hospitality dates back to biblical times, so hotels in rochester are just part of the game plan. If you need a Rochester NY hotel for the weekend or to get away while traveling, then the caravanserais is one that you may enjoy as far as hotels in rochester NY are concerned. There is so much to see in terms of Rochester hotels, which is why after Vegas which has the most hotels in the world per city, we find that the Rochester NY hotels measure up pretty quickly, starting with the Statler Hotel in Buffalo which was built in 1904 and was first known for being the first of its kind to having running water and a private bath. Any hotel in Rochester would be expected to have these amenities, as well others. Rochester’s history which dates back to the women’s revolution as well as slavery and the civil war can easily be seen and understood. Just get yourself to a Rochester ny hotel and you can see it for yourself when you get to Rochester.