Understanding the Creation of Wholesale Tortillas

A staple of Latin American cuisine, the creation of wholesale tortillas has a larger impact on the food market. Understanding how wholesale tortillas are created can illuminate to readers how businesses have been able to grow so substantially over the past few decades.

The process used to be very labor intensive. The dough would have to be mixed by hand, and separated into smaller servicings and the process.

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The workers would have to grab the dough and roll it by hand. Now, companies have the technology to be mixing and processing multiple batches simultaneously.

For some operations, operating with 500lb containers allows them to process the tortillas in “smaller” batches. These batches ensure that the flavors are still coming together the way the recipe intends and also allow for the quicker catching of bad batches.

Companies are able to modify their products more as well. Tortillas can be made with regular flour, whole wheat flour, almond flour, and the list goes on. This wider variety means that no one on the market will be forced to go without one. They can be made keto-friendly and without gluten as well.

For more information about wholesale tortillas, please review the attached video.


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