Looking for Something to Excite Your Tastebuds? Four Places to Check Out in Rochester

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Did you know that there are over 800 restaurants in Rochester, NY? If you have been complaining about a lack of new dining options, there is no longer an excuse. The best places in Rochester to grab a plate of food are out there, just waiting for you to try them. Assuming you are a Rochester native, you already know the iconic local eateries like Dinosaur Bar B Que, The Owl House, and Sinbad’s Mediterranean. Here is a list of four eating options that you might enjoy as well.

1. Tapas at the Art Gallery

Why do dinner the normal way, sitting down in a restaurant, when you can instead be listening to live music while viewing famous art from around the world? Tapas Night at the Memorial Art Gallery takes place every Thursday. The gallery is half price admission during this time, and features everything from a 2,000 year old Egyptian coffin to a Rembrandt portrait. Bon appetit!

2. Good Luck Restaurant

If you are looking for unique urban industrial decor and a restaurant that one chef claims could easily compete for a Michelin star, then Good Luck might be the place for you. Although this is a pricier restaurant overall, it is easy to find affordable menu options. You can get roasted little neck clams for $17 or red lentils for $9, both of which come recommended from multiple reviewers. Easily one of the best Rochester restaurants for a traditional dining experience.

3. Brick N Motor

When you want your food quality and on the go, food trucks are a perfect solution, and a lot tastier than your average burger and fries from the local fast food place. Brick N Motor, although new, consistently gets some of the highest reviews on Urbanspoon, and features unique and tasty dishes like the duck taco and handmade gnocchi with curried cauliflower and arugula.

4. Chakara Bistro and Bar

Although this restaurant has a great in person atmosphere, it is on this list for having some of the highest rated Rochester restaurant reviews for takeout. They specialize in Chinese, Thai, and Indian food. Food comes fast, and this restaurant has been given several online awards for being one of the best local eateries. Recommended dishes include the Thai red curry, tao tofu, and fried ice cream.

What are your favorite food places in Rochester? Let us know in the comments!

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