Rochester Farmers Markets are a Fun Way to Shop

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People like to head out to a farmers market on sunny afternoons for lots of reasons. While some go simply because they enjoy being in the sun and shopping for some tasty fresh produce, others like to support local farmers and help boost the economy by shopping locally. Because of the many benefits, the number of farmer’s markets is on the rise, and it jumped 17% to more than 7,000 in 2011 alone. Today, the USDA directory records more than 7,800. That number means that they can be found in cities and towns across the country, and New York as a whole is ranked second, behind only California, in terms of total markets. In fact, there are several places in Rochester alone that host great Rochester farmers markets.

City of Rochester Public Market

Located just three blocks north of East Main Street, the Rochester Public Market is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays year round. The market itself has been a hub of commerce and culture in the city for more than a decade, and dates all the way back to the 1820’s if you include previous locations. Because of that, it is one of the most popular, and historic, Rochester farmers markets.

South Wedge Farmers Market

Upstate New York is one of the premier apple-growing regions in the entire United States, which means there is no time better than right now to visit Rochester farmers markets like the one in South Wedge. The autumn is the best time to enjoy a crisp apple, a glass of cider, or a classic apple pie, and getting them from the market, which is located at 100 Alexander St., is a good idea. Though it is only open on Thursdays from June to October, the South Wedge market provides a great place to spend a relaxing alternative to the grocery store.

Monroe Village Farmers Market

Open on Wednesday evenings from June to October, the Monroe Village Farmers Market, located at the Church of Blessed Sacrament on Monroe Ave., offers a wide variety of items. In addition to fresh produce and foods, you can also find jewelry, toys for kids, soaps from Paperwhite, and even hear live music. As a result, it is one of the most fun and community-oriented farmers markets in the area.

If you and your friends and family are bored on a weekend, heading the best restaurants Rochester NY has to offer might be the top choice. However, cooking meals at home with ingredients from a farmers market is a fun, less expensive alternative to heading out to eat. Going to the top Rochester restaurants for a night out can be enjoyable every now and then, but spending sometime outdoors at a farmers market and cooking in can provide a more rewarding, and memorable, weekend.

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