Take Note Of Restaurants Rochester NY

Restaurants rochester

There are a lot of restaurants rochester NY that call this area home. There are also a lot of different types of food that call the area home too. It’s interesting to take note of these if you plan to be in this area because you’ll want to try some of these Rochester restaurants and the great food they have to offer.

Whenever it comes to checking out Rochester NY restaurants, you’ll want to make sure to visit:
1. Bill Gray’s, which is one of the many restaurants Rochester NY that specializes in serving hamburgers and hot dogs
2. Tom Wahl’s
3. DiBella’s
4. Pontillo’s Pizzeria
5. Abbott’s Frozen Custard
6. Dinosaur Bar B Que is one of those restaurants Rochester NY that actually originated in Syracuse operates downtown in the old Lehigh Valley Railroad station on the Genesee River
7. Ontario Beach County Park in the Charlotte neighborhood of Rochester has a ferry terminal in which there are a few good restaurants such as the Cheeburger Cheeburger and California Rollin’, as well as a coffee shop named The Nutty Bavarian

While at these restaurants rochester NY you’ll want to mak sure that you check out some of their unique food, which includes:
1. The white hot is a type of hot dog or smoked bratwurst that’s made by the local Zweigle’s company
2. The garbage plate traditionally includes home fries, mac salad, meat sauce, onions, mustard and your choice of a hot dog or hamburger
3. Genesee beers including Honey Brown, Dundee Ales and Lagers and Labatt Blue Lime

There are a lot of great restaurants located throughout the area. These are just a few of the ones that you will definitely want to check out. Regardless of where you choose to go or what type of food you’re in the mood for, Rochester really does have it all.

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